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How to Choose the Appropriate Commercial Roofing Contractor


As your industrial or commercial building ages, the roof maintenance would become one of the most critical components. A lot of companies make the error of neglecting roof problems until everything is just too late. Failures and leaks can cause huge damages to the facilities, inventory and equipment. The cost of water damages can be overwhelming, on the other hand, most importantly, it can cause delays on the production as well as delivery of the products or services of your company. Click here to get started.


Do your homework - does the roofing contractor has a license? A lot of states would require the roofing contractors to have a license that would certify them in their trade. Be sure to check with the local building code enforcement professionals to confirm that your choice of roofing contractor has a license of good standing required by the state. Does the roofing contractor carry a general liability as well as worker compensation insurance? If the roofing contractor does not have one, then you could be the one responsible for any accidents that will happen in your property as the roofing contractor is working there. Make sure to ask the contractor to give you a copy of their insurance certificate and check it with the insurance company in order to confirm the policies that are active.


Will the contractor do a full inspection of the roof and give you a written estimate? Any accountable roofing contractor will do a full assesement of the roof and will record his findings. This must include trouble spots on the roof as well as other probable sources of problems or leaks such as HVAC penetrations and roof mounted equipment. A lot of contractors may also opt to include items such as roof condition photos, core samples, and roof drawings in their reports. In addition, the roofing contractor must give a written estimate that would include the price of the proposed roofing project, the cost of any additional works that needed to be done as well as the cleanup of all the roof debris from your property. Find out more about this at this website.


Is the contractor eager to give a meaningful warranty for the services? Ask to see the warranty of the roofing product manufacture and be certain that you entirely understand on how it is enforced. Is the replacement labor an added cost to you? is the price of the replacement of the product too much?


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